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Is your A/C not working the way that it should? Are you looking to upgrade or service your A/C unit? Coolmark Heating & Air can help! The experts at Coolmark Heating & Air are experienced and well-equipped to handle all of your A/C needs.

  • New Unit Installation

  • Leak Detection

  • Duct Work

  • Annual Services

  • Freon Recharge

  • Line & Evaporator Coil Inspection

  • Filter Replacement

  • Drain Line Blowout

  • Coil Cleaning

  • Emergency Service

  • Financing Available

  • And more

If you need emergency air conditioner repair, call our professionally trained and experienced HVAC technicians 

day or night for 24/7 service, (210) 708-6159


Although harsh winters are rare, they're not impossible! Stay protected and warm with Coolmark Heating & Air. Our professionals know the ins and outs of all major heating systems and keep your home or business warm during the cold months

  • New Unit Installation

  • Carbon Monoxide Testing

  • Gas Line Leak Detection

  • Pilot/Igniter Services

  • Burning & Coil Cleaning

  • Furnace Inspection

  • Heat Pump System Inspection

  • Emergency Service

  • And More

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Above & Beyond

At Coolmark Heating & Air, we believe in delivering top-notch air conditioning and
heating service that's honest, reliable, and affordable. We do our best to diagnose your
system accurately and efficiently so that less time is spent in your home. Prevention is
the key to ensuring your system continues to run properly and your safety is
protected. Before we leave your residence, we ensure your system is operating
properly, and will discuss in detail findings, solutions, and recommendations.


We're always here to help, call us day or night at (210) 708 - 6159

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